Must Reads!

15 December 2020

We are delighted to share with you four brilliant books by OW authors.

Military Misreadings of Shakespeare is a humorous book of full colour cartoons of the Victorian Army painted by Major (later Lt-Col) Thomas Seccombe with carefully chosen quotations from Shakespeare’s plays; it was first published by George Routledge & Sons in 1880.  Paul Cordle (S 58) has written a contemporary commentary for each cartoon to explain to the general modern reader what is going on.

The Pale Tiger by Michael Harrison (T 78) What is ‘THE PALE TIGER’? A myth? An almost-forgotten sheet of A4 gathering dust in the vaults beneath Beijing? Or a ruthlessly audacious plan to wreak deadly revenge on America with breath-taking historical symmetry? You can find out more here.

The Moth and the Mountain by Ed Caesar (Bn 98) tells the untold story of Britain’s most mysterious mountaineering legend – Maurice Wilson – and his heroic attempt to climb Everest. Alone. To find out more click here.

i.Detroit  - a Human Atlas of an American City by Marcus Lyon (O 83). The i.Detroit project is an exploration of 100 individuals from the City of Detroit. The project maps these remarkable individuals though photographic portraits, app-based image-activated oral histories and ancestral DNA to create a deeper understanding of the city. Human Atlas projects endeavor to hold a mirror up to society and encourage audiences to question their own roles and responsibilities to their communities, cities and fellow human beings. You can find out more here.