Dashwood Strettell (Bd 1898) scrapbook

18 July 2018

A fascinating volume with an illustrious Wellington pedigree was recently donated to the Wellington College Archives. This scrapbook was compiled by C B D Strettell, known as Dashwood, a student in the Beresford 1894-1898, in around 1905. It contains all his termly school reports both from his prep school and from Wellington, as well as photographs, and memorabilia from his later military career.


Strettell’s family connection with Wellington was strong: his father and one of his uncles were among the first group of students to arrive at College in January 1859. Two other uncles attended in the 1860s, and Dashwood’s own son James in the 1930s. Dashwood himself went on to be knighted and to become a Major General in the Indian Army. He also served as a Governor of Wellington College from 1947 to 1955.



His termly reports at Wellington show a bright boy who was always being told to apply himself more. They are countersigned in red ink by the Master, Bertram Pollock, who also underlined in red any comments which he wished to highlight. Photographs in the scrapbook show Strettell’s classmates, as well as views of the College in the 1890s.