Wellington International Rugby Tour Sponsorship Opportunity

16 February 2018

Dear all,

Thank you all so much for considering our plea for auction prizes and thank you for all your donations so far. Please find within this letter various kit sponsorship opportunities that may be of interest to yourselves or the companies you may work for or indeed friends you may wish to inform about this sponsorship opportunity. Firstly, you have all already paid a significant amount towards your son’s tour and this price does include a very small kit allowance. However, given the overall cost of touring in Australia it is necessary to seek additional funding so we can kit the boys out in the way they deserve for what no doubt will be a wonderful tour. The sponsorship will also be put towards dinners and other additional experiences and activities that have not been budgeted for.

There are a variety of different sponsorship options but all involve your company brand or logo being placed somewhere on our Nike kit. There is not a definitive need for a formal logo, for example if a group of parents got together to purchase a sponsorship option you could have something like ‘Wellington Parents’ or a design of your choice. We are of course open to discussions on how much people are willing to put forward but the below figures have been calculated having spoken with Nike and got estimates on what we want to deliver to the boys. This involves core kit items like tracksuits, training gear and match shirts but if we manage to reach our overall target it would also include things like tour blazers, trainers and sliders.

Sponsorship Options:

Full kit Sponsor (logo on match shirts, shorts and training shirts) – £25,000

Match Shirt Sponsor (logo on match shirts only) – £5,000

Match Short Sponsor (logo on match shorts only) – £5,000

Training Shirt Sponsor (logo on training shirt only) – £5,000

We also believe this is a good opportunity for the boys to engage with people outside Wellington and ask about sponsorship. We want this to be their tour so have listened to their demands for kit and as such want to give them some responsibility in raising money for it. It could also be a good opportunity for some of the Lower Sixth to build relationships with people at various companies which might be utilised in the future.

If you have any questions about anything contained then please do get in contact.

Yours sincerely,

Jack Murray



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