Orange Auction in aid of The Mityana Charity, Uganda

01 February 2017

All money raised goes to our service partners, the Mityana Charity. Based in Crowthorne, the Orange have a long history with this Charity which supports projects in the Mityana region of Uganda. The Orange has been instrumental in building Nabukenya Primary School, and supporting the provision of free education to 1000s of young children who would otherwise not have access to education. For the last three years, the Orange, through the dedication of the girls, staff and the generosity of the Orange community, were able to fund the teachers’ salaries, as well as the education of one of the first Primary School leavers through her secondary education, which she completed this year. Happily, the school is successfully on course to becoming self-sustaining, so the Orange are one year into a planned withdrawal from funding the teachers’ salaries over a three-year period.

We are now supporting Mityana Charity’s Legal Aid project, one aspect of which is setting up Human Rights’ Debating Clubs in many schools throughout the region. These clubs debate topics covering human rights’ abuses that they all too often encounter and spread knowledge of Legal Aid provision to those who are unaware that they have access to this assistance through the Charity. The inaugural Children’s Rights’ Conference took place this October, and several of our Lower Sixth Formers were in attendance. We are very keen to keep this project going (as it will close without our support) and to expand opportunities for these young people to be educated about their rights.

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Auction takes place at the Orange Entertainment Evening 5th February at 8.30pm. Please support this charity which is very close to our hearts – online bids close 4th February at noon. Many thanks indeed for your bids and good luck on the night!

In addition, many Orange parents generously support numerous children through their education, which costs only £125 a year. If you are interested, please contact Jo Wayman, HM Orange, for further information: