‘In Conversation with Tom Chitty’ (T 2008)

Tom Chitty (T 2008)
Mon 29 March, 6:00 pm

Tom is a multimedia journalist ​for CNBC. He writes articles and occasionally reports for live TV but his main role is producing ​and presenting videos for CNBC’S digital platforms: CNBC.com, their YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This session is aimed at current 6th form students and young OWs who wish to find out more about a career in Journalism.

Tom provides insights on key skills that are needed in journalism and positives about working in this industry as well as sharing some helpful tips and advice for anyone considering starting out in this field.

Tom attended Wellington between 2003 and 2008 and amongst the many opportunities Wellington provides highlights for him included enjoying taking part in the talent shows (often he played Buttons in the School Pantos!) and working on the school newspaper. Following a gap year after completing his A Levels at Wellington whereby he travelled, completed a Ski season, and worked at a school in Nepal he went to read Broadcast Journalism at Leeds University.

Tom’s degree was ​a vocational degree, designed to develop ​practical broadcasting skills ​alongside theoretical study, exploring both ethical issues and the role of journalism in society. These skills included learning about ​writing, editing, producing, ​filming and running an audio desk as well as homing in on your presenting skills.

During Tom’s third year at university he completed a year in industry where he spent some time working for the BBC and ESPN. Tom has been at CNBC for the past 4 years and has also freelanced on several projects including Extratv, Bigballs Media and London Live ESTV.

A pre-recorded session however Tom is very happy to help and speak to anyone who is interested in Journalism and can be contacted via Welly Connect. He is extremely passionate about Journalism and is keen to inspire others to consider working in this field and knew it was an area he wanted to work in from the age of 16 therefore, please make the most of his enthusiasm and contact him if you have any questions or further thoughts.