Guy de Beaujeu (Hn 85) Independent Film Producer, Fluidity Films.

Guy de Beaujeu (Hn 1985)
Fri 23 April, 10:00 am

If you are interested in the ‘Film Industry’ then this short insightful and thorough pre-recorded talk is for you!

Guy attended Wellington between 1980 and 1985 and is a producer and writer, known for Journey’s End (2017), Private Peaceful (2012) and What You Will (2012). He recently completed The Laureate and will shoot Stephen Fry’s The Liar later this year. More information about Fluidity Films and its projects can be found on its website.

We would recommend you watch Guy speak honestly and practically about this industry. Did you know that the ‘film industry’ is made up of many different skills and roles (i.e. not just a director, producer, or writer!) and that there is a multitude of different entry points?

Guy shares his wealth of experience with us and speaks about specific ways you can enter the Industry (for example schemes through the BBC, Film 4 and BFI) but also what you can do to make yourself noticed and stand out for film companies.

Guy has provided some Film Career Guidance notes to go alongside his recording which can be found here.  These invaluable notes have suggestions of key websites that would help with researching the industry as well as a summary of what Guy covers in his talk.