Lillie Parker (Hn 2010) ST2 Paediatrics at University Hospital Southampton NHS FT

Lillie Parker (Hn 2010)
Mon 7 June, 10:00 am

Are you interested in a career relating to the Medical and Health professions? If so we would recommend you listen to this fabulous well thought out and prepared pre-recorded talk by Lillie Parker who talks us through her medical career to date and answers questions submitted to her by Wellington’s very own Medic Society at the end of her talk.

Lillie Parker left Wellington in 2010 and was one of the first 6th form girls at Hopetoun! Post College she took a gap year where she did a variety of travelling and work experience.

Lillie discusses where she studied for her BMBS BMedSci degree between 2011 and 2016 – the University of Southampton and why she chose this university above others (Lillie is a keen sailor and it has the best university sailing opportunities in the UK!)

Post university, Lillie stayed in “Wessex” deanery and completed her foundation years at Salisbury district hospital with the following rotations (endocrine medicine, acute adult psychiatry, adult respiratory, paediatrics, plastic surgery and emergency medicine)

Lillie then took a year out of her training to decide what career path to take within medicine and she built up experience by working 60% paediatrics 40% emergency medicine.

Lillie is currently a paediatric trainee in Wessex Deanery and rotates every 6 months-1 year within the subspecialties of paediatrics in the region. She is an ST2 and will become an ST3 (paediatric registrar) in September. So far, she has done general paediatrics, neonatal intensive care, paediatric surgery and paediatric intensive care as rotations within training.

Lillie explains how paediatrics is what you call “run through” training which means once you have a training post they will run you through until ST8 which is when you become a consultant without any further interviews or applications. Did you know some other specialties break at ST2/ST3 and require further applications and interviews to get a job for your registrar years?

Currently, Lillie is pursuing a career in Paediatric emergency medicine (children’s A&E) which would require further sub specialty training at ST6-ST7 in emergency medicine and intensive care.

Lillie is passionate about what she does and has friends from medical school in all aspects of medicine so not only was she kind enough to give up her time to complete this talk she was also happy to take questions from any medical field and offered to find out the answers from her contacts. She also remembers the medical school application and choices process well and provides clear information on this. We hope you enjoy this insightful and thorough Life Beyond Wellington session.

Lillie’s email address can be found at the end of her presentation should you wish to contact her directly with further questions.