Christina Tanner

C 21
“I love the fact I’ve been able to use the great start of Wellington to try and create that for others.”

Our OW callers have been asked a few questions about their time at Wellington and why they decided to be involved as a caller during our telephone campaign which took place in April 2024.

Christina Tanner (C 21) is studying politics and philosophy at the University of Bristol. She is loving Bristol and is interested in a masters of some kind- something around human rights/ international economic development.

Qu. 1 What is your favourite memory from Wellington?

“The house singing and dance competitions – I am in no way a performer at all but loved the opportunity to get involved and do something fun as a house which was a new and often hilarious experience.”

Qu. 2 Why did you want to be a part of the campaign? What made you want to get involved?

“In seeing the direct impact that the scholarship has – it’s so much more than a place at Wellington, the overall support and the direction from the school sets people up so well in life and it is important to me this benefit is shared as much as possible. “

Qu. 3 Can you tell us a ‘Fun Fact’ about yourself!

“I am hyper mobile – which means my fingers and thumbs can bend all over the place! “