The Meaning of Marketing and Social Media

Jonas Nagel
Mon 10 May, 6:00 pm

Jonas Nagel CEO & Founder of 4 different companies in various fields give us an overview of his fascinating career in social media marketing so far, discussing how he got to where he is today and sharing some helpful tips and advice.

Jonas Nagle is a 22-year-old CEO & Founder of 4 different companies in various fields, he has invested and is part owner in several others. He is also part of the board of an investment company. His main Company is the Mainment GmbH, which is a Social Media Management & Marketing Agency, focused on achieving the highest marketing results for Branding and Performance purposes, through Growth Hacking and understanding the algorithms of social networks – they are focused on VIPs as clients, from worldwide stars down to local politicians, but also manage a lot of brands of all sizes, from brands with tens of thousands of employees, to start-ups that have just begun. Next to that he also has an Investment Fund, a Furniture Company, a Clothing Production and more.