Louis Hughes

Bd 22
“Lots of my friends at Wellington were beneficiaries of the scholarship.”

Our OW callers have been asked a few questions about their time at Wellington and why they decided to be involved in celebrating OW giving this coming April.

Louis Hughes (Bd 22) is in his first year at Bristol University studying Psychology, where he is currently playing lots of Padel tennis and Rugby.

Qu. 1 What is your favourite memory from Wellington?

“My favourite memory from Wellington is when we won the u15 national cup in rugby because we worked so hard to get to the final over the course of two terms, and the celebrations after are one of my most cherished memories.”

Qu. 2 Why did you want to be a part of the campaign? What made you want to get involved?

“Lots of my friends at Wellington were beneficiaries of the scholarship and so I understand the benefits it can bring to people from all kinds of backgrounds. My friends would constantly compare their lives from before and after they were awarded the scholarship and I always found it remarkable how much they said their life had improved.”

Qu. 3 Can you tell us a ‘Fun Fact’ about yourself!

“I have eaten the spiciest chilli in the world!”