Aaron Jiminez

Bd 2020
“The campaign has made me feel even more connected to Wellington than I already did. ”
What is your favourite memory/OW story from the telephone campaign?

I had two really inspiring talks with OWs. The first held a corporate position that I would someday love to be in myself. She took the time to explain to me her job in depth and then proceeded to ask me questions and give me tailored advice on how to get there myself. It was really inspiring and reassuring. The second OW had the most fascinating career, working between the City, the Middle East with the Army and then eventually as a University Professor. He also ended up just living a couple roads down from me! We spoke for nearly an hour and he shared so many hilarious stories about his time at Wellington.

What did you enjoy most about being a caller in the campaign?

I found the job to be very rewarding and incredibly interesting. Every single person I spoke to had a unique story to tell and no call was the same as another!

Would you consider being a caller again and would you recommend being a caller to other recent OW leavers if we were to run the campaign again?

I have really enjoyed the campaign and would consider taking part again. I would thoroughly recommend the campaign to other younger OWs as I feel I have learnt so much in the two weeks of the campaign and I cannot think of a better way to develop your soft skills. It is the perfect way to give back to Wellington, whilst earning some money and lots of new skills in return.

Did being in the campaign reiterate/reflect why you wanted to be involved?

The campaign has made me feel even more connected to Wellington than I already did. I feel like a real part of the Wellington Community and hearing everyone’s stories of the College made me feel proud. Not only that, but I knew that the campaign was making an enormous difference to the College and there was a real sense of achievement after every shift.