OWs around the world

There are branches of the OW Society overseas and OW representatives welcome news and contact from OWs who are living, working or holidaying in a country which they represent.

The current list of OW representatives is as follows:

Australia – ACT

Edward Bristow (C 68-72)
25 Colvin Street, Hughes, ACT 2605, Australia
+61 414 315449  email: ebristow@ozemail.com.au

Australia – Queensland
Gerry FitzGerald (Bn 61-65)
131 College Road, Karana Downs, Brisbane, Queensland 4305, Australia
+61 0408 457 521  email: gezfitz@bigpond.com

Australia – Melbourne
Nick Speller (Hn 82-87)
+61 0404 489 943  email: nspel2012@gmail.com

Australia – Western Australia
Adrian Momber (Pn 71-76)
+61 8 9384 3389 email: amomber@inf.net.au

Julian Eller (Hn 63-67)
Wiesling 19, D-31177 Harsum, Germany
email: julian.eller1@t-online.de

Mark Butterworth (Pn 80-85)
Hoofdweg 91, Mijdrecht 3641 PR, Holland
+31 651 451 725  email: family@butterworth.demon.nl

Hong Kong
Richard Barton (C 81-86)
c/o Newgate Communications (HK) Limited, 802 Winsome House, 73 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
email: richard.barton@newgate.asia

Tim Lemon (C 76-81)
38-7 Chayama-Dai 3-Cho, Sakai City, Osaka Fu, 590-015, Japan
+81 722 939493  email: timl@gol.com

James Hutchings (T 73-78)
The Winery, Box 1877, Naivasha, Kenya
+25 4720 603 993  email: james@dogrock.net

Christopher Craven (Hl 86-91)
Villa L’Aventura, 143 Route Villefranche, 06340 La trevite, France
+377 619 99 19 17  email: cc@superyachtsmonaco.com

New Zealand
Bernard Robertson (M 66-70)
5 Kilsyth Street, Karori, Wellington, New Zealand
+64 212 831381  email: bwnr@paradise.net.nz

Will Scarlett (S 83-87)
email: williamscarlett@hotmail.co.uk

Darrn Glasper (T 88-90)
Baumgartenstrasse 1, 8114, Daenikon, ZH, Switzerland
+41 (0)78 806 1219  email: darren@gmx.ch

James Fanning (Pn 65-70)
email: fanning_james@hotmail.com

USA – East
Charles Hayley-Bell (T 88-93)
Apartment 27, 181 Thompson Street, NY 10012, USA
+1 917 373 7780  email: charles.hayleybell@gmail.com

Mark Dimond (Bn 81-86)
email: mark.dimond@talk21.com

West Balkans
Jonathan Chalcraft (M 74-78)
email: mrjchalc@gmail.com

Upcoming OW Events

17 June 2021

Waterloo Society Presents: Tales from the Archives; The History of the ‘Eve’ of Waterloo Day


The 17th June – as all OWs know, is the ‘eve’ of the Battle of Waterloo and, for many years, the eve of Wellington Speech Day. Join Caroline Jones and Chris Potter in this virtual live talk to discover more about the night before the battle and look back on Speech Day and its traditions over the years, including fascinating archive film footage from the early 1960s.

To register please email us at: community@wellingtoncollege.org.uk 

18 September 2021

200 Anniversary Ball at Eagle House

On behalf of Andrew Barnard, the Headmaster of Eagle House School, we are delighted to warmly invite all former Eagle House pupils, parents and staff to join the Bicentenary celebrations for Eagle House in 2020. Founded in 1820 the school reaches this exciting landmark in its history and is keen to extend its celebrations to all who have been involved in this journey to be an outstanding prep school.

One of the main events in which Eagle House would love for you to join them at to celebrate the Schools history and achievement is their 200 Anniversary Ball. This event will be the chance to celebrate the achievements of the past 200 years and, also, to look forward to the next exciting chapter in Eagle House’s history. The Anniversary Ball will include live music, and fireworks, to accompany a lavish three course meal.

To book your tickets please visit: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/eaglehouseschool

More events