In Memoriam


Timothy R. Morley (Hl 57) 

20 February 2024

Tim Morley FRCS enjoyed a distinguished career as an orthopaedic surgeon of international renown.  As his son, Mark, reflects, “After achieving Victor ludorum and some measure of academic success at Wellington, he clearly must have enjoyed his time at Cambridge and medical school because he qualified from one with a Third and the other only […]


Michael Houldey (M 58) 

20 February 2024

Michael Houldey, who has died aged 82, was a director whose documentaries for television ranged from portraits of film and music giants to insights on world issues that reflected his original ambition to become a foreign correspondent. Houldey’s early work put on screen the realities of daily life faced by those struggling in Britain. The first […]


Timothy O’Brien (Bd 47) 

19 February 2024

O’Brien, left, with the director Peter Hall working on the RSC production of Staircase in 1966; his set for Pericles at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in 1969.  Timothy O’Brien learnt his secret of stage design – that the aim is clarity, and the enemy distraction – from Samuel Beckett, the pioneer of post-modern minimalism in […]


John Budden (L 57)

15 February 2024

When the BBC organised a poll in 2014 to discover the identity of the greatest Cumbrian, the broadcaster Melvyn Bragg, the comedian Stan Laurel, Emperor Hadrian, the author Beatrix Potter, and Catherine Parr, the last of Henry VIII’s six wives, were the fancied frontrunners. There was another contender, less familiar to the outside world but […]


Sir Richard Lloyd (M 47)

12 February 2024

Richard Ernest Butler Lloyd was born in 1928 in Bolton, Lancashire, where his father was involved in running textiles mills. He was one of five children to Major Guy Lloyd, a director of the textile manufacturer J&P Coats who served as a Unionist (Scottish Conservative) MP for East Renfrewshire for 20 years and was given […]


Remembering Amelia Morse 1982-2023

09 February 2024

Amelia Morse (Director of Drama at Wellington College from 2014-17) sadly passed away on the 16th December. Amelia started at Wellington as a drama teacher in September 2007, joining Sarah Spencer, who was Director of Drama. One of her first plays here was the successful Daisy pulls it off before assisting the direction of Les […]



This is the list as of Summer 2023.

Barton RG, died 20/01/2023 College 1938-42 (L) 

Gillespie Maj. CLB MBE, died 19/06/2023. College 1938-43 (Hl) 

Stitt JG, died 14/03/2023. College 1940-45 (M) 

Uloth PG, died 15/06/2022. College 1941-45 (Pn) 

Archibald DFM, died 11/09/2012. College 1941-45 (Hg) 

Fleming JMR, died 03/05/2023. College 1941-46 (Hl) 

Hewitt EC, died 07/12/2022. College 1942-46 (T) 

Savill SA, died 13/07/2018. College 1942-47 (T) 

O’Brien TB, died 14/10/2022. College 1942-47 (Bd) 

Crawford Col. JPK, died 04/03/2023. College 1943-47 (C) 

Byass DCN, died 20/12/2022. College 1943-48 (Bd) 

Hicks EMG, died 09/04/2023. College 1943-48 (Bn) 

Sarson RL, died 29/06/2023. College 1943-48 (Hg) 

White Maj WH MBE, died 05/12/2022. College 1944-48 (Hg) 

Tickell RL MBE, died 17/09/2022. College 1944-49 (Hn) 

Molesworth AHN, died 02/08/2022. College 1945-48 (Bl) 

Scott-Miller NH, died 28/02/2023. College 1945-48 (A) 

Aylmer RG, died 05/03/2023. College 1945-49 (Bl) 

Murray AR, died 01/06/2023. College 1945-49 (Hg) 

Preston TR, died 18/11/2020. College 1945-50 (Bn) 

Eardley-Wilmot CVB, died 24/06/2023. College 1945-50 (O) 

Anstice Lt. Col. DJW, died 04/03/2023. College 1946-49 (T) 

Godfrey-Faussett RH, died 11/01/2023. College 1946-50 (A) 

Hebblethwaite RJ, died 15/10/2022 College 1947-51 (T) 

Turner EMS, died 04/10/2022. College 1947-51 (Pn) 

Stevens WEW, died 27/04/2023. College 1948-51 (C) 

Clarke DHL, died 04/12/2022. College 1948-52 (A) 

Hawley FW, died 15/09/2019. College 1949-50 (S) 

Innes CB, died 17/06/2023. College 1949-54 (C) 

Pike DBE, died 13/07/2023. College 1949-54 (Hn) 

Vaux Maj.RHC, died 13/11/2022. College 1950-53 (M) 

Wade M, died 11/12/2022. College 1950-54 (L) 

Wright DL, died 23/03/2023. College 1950-54 (A) 

McBain Capt. JH CB, died 07/05/2023. College 1950-55 (Bd) 

Tarver AL RN GM, died 23/03/2023. College 1951-54 (M) 

Firbank Maj SC, died 26/08/2023. College 1951-54 (Bn) 

Ainslie MPA, died 27/11/2022. College 1951-55 (Bd)  

O’Hara DCD, died 22/10/2022. College 1952-55 (S) 

Tresilian NS, died 04/07/2023. College 1952-56 (Hn) 

Morley TMR, died 11/01/2023. College 1952-57 (Hl)  

Ross-Barnard JJ, died 02/11/2022. College 1953-57 (A) 

Cherry JL, died 28/12/2022. College 1953-57 (S) 

De Vries MF, died 25/10/2022. College 1953-58 (T) 

Martell CJ, died 10/12/2022. College 1954-57 (Hg) 

Harrison RD, died 13/12/2022. College 1954-58 (Hl)  

Houldey MG, died 10/02/2023. College 1954-58 (M) 

Persse Maj BRE, died 22/01/2023. College 1955-59 (O) 

Bray RH, died 10/05/2023. College 1955-60 (Hg) 

Allen AJ, died 18/12/2022. College 1955-61 (Hg) 

Bouch PA, died 05/09/2022. College 1956-61 (T) 

Middleton HJ, died 19/10/2022. College 1957-60 (Bn) 

Bullock GP, died 16/04/2023. College 1957-61 (Bd) 

Edwards JW, died 08/06/2023. College 1957-61 (Bn) 

Going Capt. CW, died 09/05/2023. College 1957-62 (A) 

Delahooke JS, died 07/09/2022. College 1958-62 (C) 

Edie ADM, died 12/07/2022. College 1958-62 (L) 

Hickie AG, died 19/06/2023. College 1959-62 (Pn) 

Saumarez Smith RW, died 18/01/2023. College 1959-63 (A) 

Towell GJH, died 20/10/2022. College 1959-64 (Bl) 

Thorneycroft PW, died 02/01/2023. College 1959-64 (Bn) 

Lock PG, died 17/02/2021. College 1960-63 (Pn) 

Longe SCR, died 23/04/2023. College 1960-64 (A) 

McCorkell HNP, died 15/07/2023. College 1960-65 (O) 

Gilbertson RJH, died 28/07/2023. College 1962-67 (Bn) 

Short Maj. Gen.JHT CB OBE, died 16/10/2022. College 1964-68 (M) 

Heward MP, died 10/06/2023. College 1964-69 (M) 

Hine-Haycock GWV, died 29/06/2023. College 1964-69 (Pn)  

Cuming SC, died 21/12/2022. College 1969-72 (T) 

Trousdell SMW, died 19/02/2023. College 1969-74 (Hg) 

Parry Capt. B St. P OBE CBE, died 12/04/2023. College 1970-74 (Hg)  

Nicholas Dr MO, died 24/01/2023. College 1970-75 (T) 

Wann AM, died 13/04/2023. College 1980-85 (C) 

Doyle MP, died 17/05/2023. College 1983-88 (Hn) 

Kegel IC, died 24/02/2023. College 1988-93 (T) 

Driver CJ, died 21/05/2023. College 1989-00, Master  

Green RGP, died 14/04/2023. College 1994-99 (A) 

Adler JDM, died 26/05/2023. College 1994-99 (Pn) 

Akerele AO, died 02/02/2023. College 2009-11 (M) 

Williams LC, died 25/04/2023. College 2015-20 (Bn) 

Maj. Owens RB, died 18/08/2023. College 1942-47 (M) 

Williams MPH, died 03/09/23. College 1945-49 (S) 

 White PG, College 1957-62 (Bn) 

 Mauduit AW, died 05/08/23. College 1940-44 (M) 

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An Evening with Robin Dyer (T 77): OW, Teacher and Second Master

19 February 2024

On Monday 18th March, College Archivist Caroline Jones, will be chatting to Robin Dyer about his remarkable life at Wellington – from a pupil in the 1970s, through a 33-year career as teacher and Housemaster, and encompassing 16 years as Second Master. He will be joined by special guests: Nick Moss – Robin’s contemporary in […]


Peter Waghorn (O 50, CR)

13 December 2023

OWs will be sad to learn of the passing of Peter Waghorn (O 50, CR) in November 2023, aged 91. PDW was at the heart of Wellington life throughout a distinguished teaching career. This tribute comes from the Yearbook of 1992: “Wellington has been the framework as well as the scene of almost the whole […]


Potts’ Grand Tour 2023

13 December 2023

In November 2023, Chris Potter (C 65, OW Liaison) embarked on a Grand Tour to Australia via Singapore: 13 hrs to Singapore, then a night’s long sleep was preparation for the walking tour that followed as my nephew, with whom we stayed, set a cracking pace in high humidity. Will Jelf (Hg 96) had organised […]