In Memoriam


This is the list as of 1st April 2020.


Earle Maj RJS. Died 01/11/2018. College 1928-33 (Bd)

Giles FTR. Died 30/10/2019. College 1933-37 (Bd)

Howard Prof Sir Michael OM, CH, CBE, MC. Died 30/11/2019. College 1936-40 (Bn)

Pearson PD. Died 28/09/2019. College 1938-43 (L)

Philpot RJ. Died 18/08/2019. College 1939-43 (Hn)

Drury-Lowe RG. Died 14/05/2019. College 1939-43 (L)

Corsan SJD. Died 09/01/2020. College 1939-43 (O)

Greenhow CJL. Died 10/10/2019. College 1939-44 (L)

Hopkinson DHL   CBE RD DL. Died 24/10/2019. College 1939-44 (Bn)

Anderton Capt.  WA. Died 08/03/2020. College 1939-44 (Bl)

Critchley Col IR OBE. Died 07/02/2020. College 1940-43 (M)

Russell GP. Died 07/12/2019. College 1940-44 (M)

Russell BR. Died 11/02/2020. College 1940-44 (Bl)

Hall T. Died 20/02/2020. College 1940-44 (Bn)

Dawes Rev. JE. Died 04/05/2019. College 1941-45 (C)

Norman JM. Died 26/09/2019. College 1942-46 (Pn)

MacManaway LA. Died 23/03/2013. College 1942-46 (Bd)

Scott Maj CL. Died 23/02/2019. College 1942-46 (L)

Sharp PUG. Died 06/02/2020. College 1942-46 (Bl)

Salmon MA. College 1942-47 (Bn)

Colebrook Rev PA. College 1943-46 (O)

Brown DAL. Died 18/11/2019. College 1943-47 (T)

Sheffield JN. Died 06/12/2019. College 1943-47 (A)

Bardsley MA. Died 06/03/2020. College 1943-47 (C)

Matson JA. Died 19/11/2019. College 1943-48 (Hl)

West DCE. Died 07/08/2019. College 1944-46 (C)

Paynter C de C P. Died 09/19. College 1944-47 (Bn)

Carson Dr PHM   FRCP. Died 01/12/2019. College 1944-48 (C)

Anderson WRD. Died 20/11//2018. College 1944-49 (C)

Druitt MW. Died 16/10/2019. College 1945-49 (C)

Spurling JML. Died 30/01/2020. College 1945-49 (Pn)

Murphy EHL. Died23/08/2019. College 1946-49 (S)

Hildreth HJHC. Died 22/12/2019. College 1946-51 (O)

Whitehead TC. Died 04/08/2019. College 1947-51 (Hl)

Nalder Cdr MF. College 1947-51 (Bn)

Norris RDW. Died 11/02/2020. College 1947-51 (O)

Pennycuick Prof. CJ. Died 09/12/2019. College 1947-51 (L)

Stevens Col. WHF   OBE. Died 27/01/2020. College 1948-52 (M)

Bellman DD. Died 28/02/2020. College 1948-52 (A)

Welch ADG. Died 23/07/2019. College 1948-53 (Pn)

Ritson Capt.TW. Died 01/09/2019. College 1948-52 (Hn)

Low Dr PCS. Died 29/07/2019. College 1950-53 (Hl)

Davies CJD. Died 02/11/2019. College 1950-54 (Hg)

Caldecott GH. Died 22/11/2019. College 1951-56 (A)

Meiklejohn Lt Cdr IPF. Died 27/12/2019. College 1952-56 (s)

Westropp MAP. Died 19/12/2019. College 1952-56 (A)

Turle AR MC. Died 13/12/2019. College 1952-57 (Pn)

Pridham LCH. Died 20/01/2020. College 1954-57 (A)

Houston DH. Died 11/11/2019. College 1957-62 (Bd)

Whiteside HCH. Died 29/01/2020. College 1958-63 (A)

Montgomery JHA. Died 16/11/2019. College 1959-63 (Pn)

Gomme ME. Died 27/09/2019. College 1963-77 (Bl)

Carnegie AR. Died 21/11/2019. College 1965-69 (Bl)

Wannell BA. Died 29/01/2020. College 1966-70 (S)

Whytehead JM. Died06/04/2019. College 1968-72 (T)

Atkinson NF. Died 01/09/2019. College 1972-76 (S)

Truell DF. Died 27/09/2019. College 1977-81 (Bn)

Butts HGV. Died 18/09/2019. College 1978-82 (O)

Davis RM. Died 04/08/2019. College 1979-84 (S)

Edmondes MTG. Died 30/07/2019. College 2012-17 (L)

Latest OW News

David Mordaunt 23.08.37 to 28.11.20

30 November 2020

David Mordaunt 23.08.37 to 28.11.20 All OWs and OW cricketers will  be very sad to hear of the passing of DJM. David was the outstanding Wellington cricketer of his generation: prominent amongst his peers as a schoolboy, he was unquestionably the best all-rounder Wellington College produced until the emergence of the Curran brothers. He made […]


Wellington CCF: A History in Badges

10 November 2020

Wellington College is delighted to have recently added to its historical collections this metal badge, believed to be the first cap badge worn by the College’s Rifle Volunteer Corps, now the CCF. Volunteer Forces are as old as the College itself, having been first set up in 1859. The Crimean War had highlighted the difficulty […]


Virtual Walks with Wide Eyed London

25 September 2020

To replace cancelled bookings with the college, professional guide Rosalind Vincent has kindly agreed to create some mini virtual walks in London. To kick the series off, she will be focusing on aspects of London connected with the 1st Duke of Wellington. These short videos are designed to give you a taster of what is […]