Millie Pughe

H 2013
“I came from a small state school that had no ambition and provided nothing to the students outside of the classroom.”

I was fortunate enough to receive bursary funding when I joined Wellington in January of 4th form 2010. I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship for squash but still with that my family would have hugely struggled to cover the costs of the school fees.

Had it not been for the bursary I would not have been able to join Wellington and I wouldn’t have the incredible memories I have today.

I moved to Wellington from a small state school in Yorkshire that had no ambition and provided nothing to the students outside of the classroom. Most students at the school came from families that struggled for money and so going to a school like Wellington wasn’t in many people’s thoughts! For me, my father and his brothers went to Wellington so I had seen pictures of the school and knew all about it.

Being given the chance to go there with the financial support I was able to receive was the best opportunity I have had. I arrived at the school with good grades and having been successful in squash but had I not come to Wellington I wouldn’t have started playing rackets and ending up winning titles; getting back into hockey and ending up in the 1st team and have the life experience, amazing friends and memories that no other school could match.

I’m so thankful for the bursary funding being able to provide someone like me the opportunity to go to a school like Wellington.