Get Involved

Take on a challenge!

We hope that we can inspire our community to be active in raising awareness of our WOW! Scholarship Programme – to make Wellington College a more dynamic and inclusive school – reflective of today’s diverse society.

Our challenges


Cycle Challenge

Wellington College to Waterloo, Belgium

Weds 12 to Sun 16th June 2019 What better way to unite the Wellington Community and find out what we stand for than to return right back to the place where it all began?


Parachute Jump

10,000 feet freefall parachute jump, Salisbury

Various dates in 2019 available This is your chance to experience120mph freefall (whilst being attached to a professional)!

Can’t see a challenge that takes your fancy?

Why not set your own challenge or hold an event that helps raise funds towards the WOW campaign? Here are a few suggestions:

Bake sale
Have an afternoon tea at home or in the office and ask your friends to donate to WOW for a slice of cake and a cup of tea.

Golf day
Club together for WOW and hold a golf day or choose us as your charity of the year.

Sport challenge
Whatever your sport, organise a tournament and ask teams to donate to WOW. Ask participants to ‘pay to play’.

Get musical
Ask different bands to perform or set up an open mic night within your year or house. Charge a fee for the ticket which goes to WOW.

Quiz night
Everyone loves a quiz, no matter how terrible their general knowledge is! Hold your own quiz – teams can pay to enter.

Further information To discuss your ideas and find out how to donate your funds please contact the Wellington Community Office: +44 (0)1344 444023