How philanthropy has helped
to create a world-class campus

G.W. Annenberg

Our remarkable G.W. Annenberg building has been a wonderful and flexible space for the College and wider community, since its opening in September 2018.

It has hosted a huge number of events – including highly successful Arts Festivals of 2018 and 2019 as well as the innovative and eclectic Welly Fringe.

The building is used daily for rehearsals and practices by the creative art departments. The beautiful and flexible Cultural Living Room is in constant use as an exhibition space for art, photography and textiles with over 60 exhibitions taking place since the opening. There were an incredible 41 arts events that took place during the first 51 days of the theatre’s opening.

Events included:

House competitions
Dance shows


Some of the income generated from ticket sales are directed back into the Wellington College Arts Grant Fund which has so far funded three Arts Grants, totalling £1,729.

We are incredibly grateful to have this amazing building that will continue to bring joy to those who are able to rehearse, practice, perform, exhibit or be an audience member in this outstanding building.

Robin Dyer Centre

Since the opening of the Robin Dyer Centre (RDC) in the summer of 2019, sport at Wellington has seen (despite Covid-19) a significant development in opportunities for all pupils. The bespoke four lane cricket facility has seen winter training time more than double for each age group, for both male and female pupils, not to mention creating opportunities for students who had previously not been able to take part in winter nets.

The Centre allowed summer training to continue when the poor English summer weather hit during summer 2019. Other new developments in the cricket facility have been a girl’s winter league and a number of coaching courses.

The indoor tennis courts have seen pupils able to take part in training sessions during the winter. Senior year groups have been able to focus their efforts on their tennis while junior years have been able to combine tennis with their other winter sports.

Indoor sports at the Robin Dyer Centre

Netball was the centrepiece of the opening of the Centre last summer when the College1st VII combined with current and ex Super League players in a showcase game. All girls have benefited from the indoor training provided for netball, most appreciated during the icy and cold winter months when often the outdoor courts become unsafe to use.

The Centre has also enabled us to scale up our fencing programme. The first floor expansive balcony area provides a fabulous training and fixture location, which is also used by the Modern Pentathletes. The College aims to see Modern Pentathlon grow in the next 12 months through a relationship with GB Triathlon, something that simply wouldn’t be possible without the facilities provided by the RDC.