How your philanthropy
makes a difference

Prince Albert Foundation Scholarships

Talent is spread evenly throughout society, but opportunity is not. We want to do what we can to address this disparity and support access and opportunity for more young people in our community and beyond.

Our College community is enriched by having a bright, ambitious, talented, and inclusive student body. The Prince Albert Foundation scholarship programme is at the heart of our widening opportunity work. It is designed to offer the life-changing opportunities of a fully funded Wellington education to young people of talent and ambition who simply cannot afford the fees. We know from many years of experience that Wellington College has inspired and been inspired by having such talented, determined, and joyful young people – it’s a win-win situation where everyone benefits.

By 2025 we aim to have 40 students fully funded through the Prince Albert Programme at any one time.

Iain Drayton (current parent, supporter and PAF Ambassador)

The Prince Albert scholarship programme resonates with me as it is my firm belief that the best and the brightest children should have access to every opportunity regardless of their background. I believe that this programme democratises access to education across the broadest sector of the population.”

Iain Drayton (current parent, supporter and PAF Ambassador)

We hope that we can inspire our community to be active in raising awareness of our fully-funded Prince Albert Foundation Scholarship programme – to make Wellington College a more dynamic and inclusive school – reflective of today’s diverse society.

Watch our films, created around the Prince Albert Foundation Scholarship programme here:

Wellington College: Prince Albert Scholarship Programme
An introduction from James Dahl, Master, some OWs who have come through the programme
Providing Life-changing Opportunities
Murray Lindo, Head of the Wellington Community, gives an overview of our scholarship programme and our aims for the future
Esther’s Journey
Watch Esther Ujah’s journey of how a Prince Albert Scholarship led her to studying at Cambridge.

If you are interested in making a gift, or finding out more about the Prince Albert programme, please contact Murray Lindo, Head of the Wellington Community and Director of Development on for more information.

The Wheeler Programme

The Wheeler Programme which started in 2016/17 is part of our ‘Widening Access’ programme at Wellington College and it aims to benefit students from the state school sector by providing support for 5 years from Year 9 through to Year 13.

The idea is to provide the extra that a Wellington education gives beyond that already provided in a good school through including the five key objectives based on the Wellington Identity (Inspired, Intellectual, Independent, Inclusive and Individual.)

The programme is delivered through a mix of residential and distance learning. Currently we have 5 cohorts across each of our year groups so a total of 100 students currently benefitting. Our first cohort of Wheeler students will graduate in summer 2021.

Each year 2 study days will take place at Wellington, followed by a residential stay of 4-5 days (apart from the Year 11 cohort). The experience of boarding, staying away from home and being part of the Wellington community, even for a short time, is a key element of the personal growth embedded in the programme. It has been a significant success so far, with positive impacts felt by those students attending.

I am on the Wheeler programme and I would like to tell you how it has improved my attitude to certain areas of my life. I feel that even just after one year of attending the programme at Wellington, our learning, the activities and all of the experiences have shown me just what I am capable of achieving and made me realise I can aspire to achieve more and am able to do far more than I realised.”

Mia, Wheeler Programme Student

Nick Wheeler (current parent and sponsor of the programme)

I believe huge benefit can be derived from small things done the right way. Too many young people today have little or no self-belief. They think they will never achieve anything with their lives. They need to understand that they are as amazing as the next person and they really can achieve whatever it is they put their mind to. They just need to believe in themselves, they need to have a passion and a real sense of purpose. It is not so hard to make a difference and I am convinced that this programme will make it possible for one hundred young people to really make a difference, to not just their own world, but also to the world of all those around them.”

Nick Wheeler, current parent and sponsor of the programme

“The programme’s focus on aspiration and excellence has helped our two current students on the programme to flourish: in just a single year of experiences at Wellington they have become more confident speakers, more effective collaborators who are more assured with tackling new challenges, and happier individuals who feel valued.”

Statement from John Frost School