In Conversation with OW Eleanor Downey (Ap 2006) GP, NHS

Eleanor Downey (Ap 2006)
Mon 24 May, 2:00 pm

Are you potentially interested in a career relating to the Medical and Health professions?

If so, we would recommend you listen to this pre-recorded ‘In Conversation’ session with OW Eleanor Downey who talks us through what she has been doing since Wellington and her medical career.

Eleanor attended Wellington for sixth form between 2004 and 2006 and has very fond memories of her time at Wellington – making ‘lifelong friendships’ and enjoying full use of Wellingtons diverse resources whilst studying for her A Levels.

Eleanor’s passion and enthusiasm for the medical profession and what she does is obvious for all to see! Watch her explain why she loves working as a GP and what skills she thinks are important for working in this area of medicine. Eleanor also touches on the educational routes into Medicine and showcases really how varied (and definitely not boring!) the life of a GP can be. Eleanor kindly shares with us examples of the different places (including countries!) she has worked and also how even when you have chosen to be a GP there are different routes you can pursue within this field/speciality.

If you have any further questions or thoughts following watching Eleanor’s session, she is happy for you to contact her via Welly Connect.