OW Spotlight Robert Rowland


CEO at Boom Cycle


Don’t take things too seriously and if you have an idea of what you want to do (as I did) don’t put it off, just start it. Probability shows it’ll likely fail but what you’ll learn by failing, or succeeding, will be invaluable. Failure is always a new opportunity and we should not be scared of it.


Brand Sense

by Martin Lindstrom A really interesting insight into the power of sensory experiences when it comes to brands and how we interact with them and the memories and thoughts we are left with. I love anything that looks at the complete picture and tries to make every element as perfect as possible. Almost impossible to ever do but even trying to do it will put you ahead of the rest.

Following a degree in Molecular Genetics and Gene Cloning, Robert entered the world of business. Heading up business development for a newly formed drinks and events consultancy company (www. sweetandchilli.com) for 4 years he then left to pursue his own ventures at which point he teamed up with Hilary to form Boom Cycle. Boom Cycle is now a business with a multi-million pound turnover and operating from 5 London locations.

Robert is an Alumni of the Goldman Sachs 10kSB programme for high growth businesses and also sits on the board of UK Active as an advisor representing the boutique studio sector. As well as regular speaking engagements through Boom Cycle he is also part of the Leap 100 businesses, another platform for high growth businesses led by City AM and Mishcon De Reya.”

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Today, I choose to be happy.” A customer of mine told me this, advice he was told by someone when he was setting up his company and it always stuck with me. If you look beyond the slightly hippyish nature of it, it’s about not sweating the small stuff. It’s very easy, especially when running your own company, to let things get overwhelming. You make bad decisions in those moments so it’s about maintaining perspective and vision.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I always think I’m right! It was always on the agenda from a young age, I have just never been able to vision not being in charge of my own future or doing things the way I wanted to.

Thanks so much to Robert Rowland and his team at BOOM Cycle for their cooperation and information in creating this series!