We want our students to benefit from the expertise of our global community...


We are looking for OWs, parents (past and present) and friends of the College who are willing to share their experiences of professional life to help other OWs and present pupils. We will also be building up a peer-to-peer professional network for all members of our community – we want to bring together industry sectors and disciplines and meet regularly to share ideas, make contacts, facilitate career development and create business opportunities for all members.

The large majority of our day-to-day career’s support happens on Wellington Connect – it’s a great community of OWs, with updates from the OW team at College, as well as updates from OWs themselves. Do please also join any Career Opportunity Group/s appropriate for you.


We continue to develop further the careers and networking systems we have in place to put OWs and present pupils in contact with others who may be able to ofer them direction or work experience. Over last the few years we have found help for many OWs and pupils looking for work experience/direction and general advice. The reaction of OWs to requests is amazing, something we are immensely grateful for, and we really want to continue this for OWs in the future.


We have successfully worked with college to hold the second successful Careers Fair this year with over 50 OWs representing different sectors and offering advice to the U6th form. We are also hoping to organise a careers fair for recent OW Graduates – if you are a recent Graduate, watch this space!


We greatly welcome back OWs to College to give industry lectures and fireside chats to present pupils. College additionally organises trips to the City for pupils to meet with OWs to discuss careers.


The COGs act as silos for industry specific careers. Whilst you think that might sound as if you have to stick to one group, instead, we actively encourage you to join all the groups relevant to your career. For example, if you are a Financial Analyst that specialises in the Aviation Industry, we would recommend that you join both the Aviation COG and the Finance COG.

Network with fellow OWs, post an opportunity or fnd a new one, look for mentors, ofer advice and receive career focussed help and a support network. We use both Wellington Connect and LinkedIn pages to aggregate members.

Upcoming Events

26 September 2018

London Walking Tour: The Delights of St James

10.15am, St James, London

Newly introduced to the programme are a series of London Walking Tours specifically for Wellington parents. Join us as City of Westminster Guide, Lou Cohen, takes us through the different districts and shares her wealth of knowledge about one of London’s most iconic boroughs.

St James’s was once part of Green Park and St James’s Park but in the 1660s King Charles II gave the right to develop the area to Henry Jermyn, for Noble Men and other Persons of quality. It has the highest concentrations of listed buildings in England, but it was the people who lived in these properties that make it an interesting area of London. St James’s has traditionally been associated with gentlemen’s clubs, some were renowned for their gambling, whilst others have a more dignified reputation, such as The Travellers Club. Today the area has changed as fine art galleries have moved in to sell their artefacts near long established wine merchants and cheese suppliers, whilst the Court of St. James’s remains at its heart.

Meeting point – by the statue of Diana, the huntress, in Green Park, south of Piccadilly and by the south exit of Green Park Underground station at 10.15am for a 10.30am start. The tour shall last approx. 1hr 45 mins and will go ahead whatever the weather. Spaces are limited to 20 people. Tickets are £14 per person.


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26 September 2018

Magic of Maths: Equilateral Post-It Notes

7.30pm, Moral Room, Mallinson Library, Wellington College

Our own inspirational Head of Maths, Aidan Sproat, continues to lead you through a six-week hands-on tour of some of his favourite mathematical corners. This week, explore the connections between geometry and origami to find out what makes a square square and a triangle triangular. How do you know if a triangle is equilateral? And why is proof important?


To register or for more information please contact:

28 September 2018

OW 10 Year Reunion

7.00pm, Balls Brothers, Austin Friars, London

We invite all 2008 Leavers to reunite and reminisce with one another in a private area of Ball Brothers Austin Friars. Drinks and light buffet will be available from 7.00pm to celebrate this wonderful milestone. Please help spread the word to ensure we can get as many of the 2008 class together!

Tickets cost £15 each and guests are very welcome.

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Latest News

OW George Masterman Thompson is believed to be the first British officer to be killed in action during WW1

22 August 2018

22 August marks the anniversary of the death of Old Wellingtonian George Masterman Thompson, believed to be the first British officer to be killed in action during the First World War. George was in the Hopetoun from 1903 to 1908, after which he went to Sandhurst and was commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Royal […]


Michaelmas Term Programme 2018

20 August 2018

The new Wellington Community events programme for the Michaelmas term has just been launched. We hope you were able to enjoy some of the varied events and opportunities that we ran last year which were designed to reinforce, support and build on the unique relationship that we all have with Wellington College and with one […]


OW Patrick Anthony Porteous Victoria Cross Anniversary

19 August 2018

19th August marks the anniversary of the action for which Patrick Anthony Porteous, OW, was awarded the Victoria Cross in 1942. Patrick was in the Beresford 1931-35. He became a school Prefect, played in the 1st XV and was a successful swimmer. On leaving College he went to the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, was commissioned […]


A huge thank you to everybody that helped make this inspiring project happen! 👏…